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  • Welcome to the forum. I am glad to see you posting. I collect Jenkin's BOS and WWll vehicles and figures. Do you go to the Living History show at the Fairgrounds? I enjoy the show and have friends that are vendor's and F/I war re-enactors. I live in Marshall, MI. John
    I've been a visitor to this forum for too long, not be a member. I very much appreciate forum members historical research and continuing artistry of creating dioramas. I am most interested in American 17th and 18th century history and am a financial supporter of King & Country and John Jenkins figures from that era. I only buy figures for dioramas, so I hope to post in the future. I look forward to "meeting" you on line and perhaps at the Chicago Show. Well since I am a private, I will go back to digging the officer's latrine.
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