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  • Hello Denver ,
    So some 28mm figures...Do they come painted ? I had bought up a few lots of British 8th Army & German Britians Deetail sets to work on , i am going to repaint the whole lot...I already finsihed the British Dingo Scout car & posted pic's on my profile page...when you finish working on them post some pics...Did you ever get the Type 97 Japanese tank you were looking for ?

    Denver ,

    I just created a new album on my profile page of my past 1/35 kits...check them out when you get a chance...Have you found your Chi-Ha Japanese tank ?

    send me your email address and I will send a picture of the glue on the TSSD figure. thanks for your help
    Hi Denver, sorry to be so long in seeing this - I don't usually check the Visitor Messages. As to the conversions - I usually get about $10 each plus postage. That's based on a delivery in one color. It would be a bit more for painted figures (depending on how detailled the paint job). My home e-mail is I have a business trip coming up but hope to do some more figure cutting before too long.
    Denver: I like your ideas on the island battles. I may want you to do me some figures. I like action poses and hand to hand fighting. Also some wounded guys, flamethrower teams, satchel charges, and guys climbing or getting out of amtracks or going over the seawall..................Stryker
    VERY NICE!!!!! Do you convert for others? I am NOT INTERESTED in anything europe, but like Marines..................Ron
    It looks great! By the way, the comment you posted about the King Tiger, I just bought it from Forces of Valor. You should ckeck it out. And, just call me Nick.
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I was in from 66-69. My MOS was 3051, Supply.
    In RVN, I was on guard at ASP1 for six months. West of Da Nang Air Base.
    I was the Sergeant of the Guard for about two months.
    The Dump went up in April, 1969. That was after I rotated back to the world.
    Yes, I was on the Rock in 1960-61 for 14 months Showing my age>lol I was in from 1958-1962 then two years in reserves. I was at Camp Mcterous which is closed now. I was in the 2&3rd battalion of the 9th Marines. Wireman and radio at times. John
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