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  • Please send to me direct my email I need to talking beacuse i have a large collection of town and country, regards charlie
    Hi Martin,
    Thanks very much for the friendship request, good to number you among my friends here on the forum. Was a pleasure to meet you in London mate and see you in March! Have a great Christmas
    Martyn, thanks for the friends invite. Always enjoy seeing your collection, and encourages me to add to my own figs (in a much smaller way :wink2:). Chris
    Dear Martyn,
    Thankyou very much for the kind note for these Christmas holidays. I wish you and your family a great 2012! May we all have our New Year wishes come true. 2012 is a couple of hours from us ....... Let us keep in touch in 2012 and exchange the great chats over the great bonding factor for us all....our miniature armies. We carry the great responsibility of keeping the hobby alive and transfer it over to the next generation. Specially, in this new focused on spaceships and the likes where history is so much relegated to a second plan....At home I am sure to be doing my share! The boys have inherited my Airfix armies (1.32 scale, they are too young for the HOO and they may be tempted to chew them...hahha) and know that to touch Dad´s " serious collection " a driver´s license in me a few more years of peace and no loss of limbs and the likes......
    Thanks for the Christmas wish Martyn. My wife and I enjoyed a delightful holiday weekend surrounded by our adult children and grand children. I hope you and your fmaily had a joyous Holiday also. Happy New year and allthe best . . .
    Martyn...Merry Christmas to you and happy holidays...I always enjoy your posts and new acquisitions...thanks for your friendship...Michael
    Hi Martyn: I have added more photos of those sets to Album nine, Odds and Ends. See if that helps. I really am enjoying all of your new finds. Tommy
    Hi Martyn: Did the 11 camels you mentioned come in a set or as singles? I have 12(1 duplicate) but they all came in single boxes. Tommy
    Thanks Martyn: I saw the flier on the other set. I bet Len didn't didn't make that many of these two sets. Happy New Year. Tommy
    Martyn: That was in my catelogue. I have never seen the set you have. I have part of the barricades, the two cannon crews and 12 of the twenty Egyptian soldiers and the Gordons. Tommy
    Hi Martyn: I came across a 1987 diorama ad of the battle of Tel-El-Kebir, consisting of 64 pieces for L418. I have about half of it. Do you have it or have you seen it? Tommy
    Hello Martyn
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope we all have more fun with TS in 2011
    Thank you for your help with Trophys id.
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