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  • Hello Mike!
    Another year gone and a big happy birthday for you. Hope you will enjoy it and get a lot of figures. Cheers Heinrich
    Thank you for accepting! I hope you have a great trip! You've officially given me the itch for Britains ACW. To soothe it I've now ordered a few pieces, even though I said I would stick to my naps. Alas, your photos and set ups wore down my defenses. As such I'll be joining the fight now.
    Hello Mike!
    Thanks for the B-day greeting. They day turned out very well. The Chicago dinner Hospitaller came - straight through the customs without any further, so - yes, it went well.
    Just was looking at all you incredible albums. Not only that you have a fantastic collection, I'm also very impressed by your dioramas and picture setups. Very inspiring.
    Mike...Happy Thanksgiving...enjoy your family and dinner today...hope the Packers kick the bejusus out of Detroit...Michael
    Thank you Mike.The weather is beautiful here today.Now that is a great birthday present.Take care.
    I just looked at yours...while your Crusader album is still my favorite...the rest of them are prettae good...prettae...prettae...prettae good...your photography skills and collections have come a long way!!!
    Thanks Mike for the Birthday greeting. I appreciate it. We had a good time last week at Sagatuck, MI. John
    All my Birthday funds went towards the pre-order of the 1st 8 FL Romans. Seemed like forever for the pre-order to get here. Now I just need to sit back and wait till they are shipped.
    Hi Mike,
    I guess the best way to describe it is slowly but surely. One thing I know for sure is that creating a diorama is a lot harder then it looks. Other then my WWII diorama this would only be my second one I have done to date. I was never really pleased with my WWII diorama and one thing I'm starting to learn about myself is that I'm becoming a perfectionist when it comes to history. I have changed a couple things (materials, etc...) along the way which has set me back a little but hopefully I can get it done fairly soon. I have not ordered the second set yet but it is definitely on my list of to buy items when I go to Chicago this year. Another thing that has hampered me is FL announcing the new "Glory of Rome" line. I had a set amount set aside when I started the ACW diorama but I have sorta held back some funds in anticipation of these Romans.
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