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  • Good Day

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, been a bit busy new flat up near Glasgow and work lol.

    So was it really that long ago that we were at Chicago then?? where does time go I ask my self .. How are you Keeping/

    Had nay new additions to the collection

    Best wishes

    G'day Mate, Sorry I haven't got back to you. I've been busy and no time to reply or if I did just plain lazy.I don't get on the forum all that much as life, wife and kids, keeps me a tad busy. If it's not too late I'd be happy to be mates. Cheers, Johno.
    Hi guys, just a reminder that you may need to click on the 'View Conversation' link to view my response(s) to your message(s). Cheers Matt
    Hey Matt aka Ozdigger..received your friend request & accepted...hope all is well down under...here in North Texas it's all good!
    Hi OzDigger, I'm happy to accept the friend request. I live about an hour outside of Chicago. Maybe I'll see you at the toy soldier show one day. Best Regards. Jeff
    Hi Alex, I am doing well down under and everywhere else. Retired sets are often hard to obtain but I have found that good things actually do come to those that wait, and wait a bit more. Cheers Matt
    Hi Captain,

    Thank you for the friend request. I have some of the new ranger sets but no vehicle to go with them. I keep looking for a good deal, but cannot find a vehicle for a resonable price. Perhaps TGM or K&C will release an Allied vehicle worth collecting. I hope you are doing well down under. Cheers, Alex.
    Thanks for adding me to your list of friends. I feel honored and I 'm
    looking forward to reading your contributions to this forum.
    Cheers mate!
    Thanks for adding me as a friend. Anytime passing by Bombay / Mumbai pls contact me. Regards. vinod
    Thanks Chris and Walt, I live on the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland about One hour North of Brisbane.
    Hi Ozdigger,
    Thanks for the friend request, and glad to accept. I look forward to your posts and emails. I live in Pennsylvania, about one hour north of Philadelphia.
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