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  • Tom,
    I see you listed your EOI nordenfelt on ebay. Anyway you would end the auction and sell the set?
    Hi Tom, Tried to send information you asked for but E-mail failed. Can you confirm your E-mail address to - and I will try again.
    Tom , i was bidding on the DAK NMA Tiger...i got outbid @ the i got in on the SS Tiger...I am really into the Afrika Campaign so i tried to get it...But Honestly i really like the color scheme on the Kursk Tiger...I saved you as a seller on ebay , so if that Winter Tiger goes up for sale i might be in on it...Although i did tell me wife i would cool it for a little while...
    Hello Tom,
    I received my NMA Tiger today...Great color scheme on the Kursk Tiger...My first & only NMA piece...I took some pic's already & got them up on my profile page...Again , Thank you very nice Tiger...

    Here's wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of peace, prosperity, health and happiness....and ofcourse lots of toy soldiers to choose from! Hopefully this summer when I've moved I'll be able to take some of my collection out of storage and display it and photograph it for the forum members to enjoy.......I know thats my favourite part.
    It was my pleasure to meet you on Sunday. Looks like you had a nice time. Missed you at the Maryland CFE conference :))) Best wishes.
    Happy Birthday Tom. I hope yesterday was a great day for you and that your celebration was absolutely fun.
    Tom: I'm really not sure now. I will have to take an inventory and get back with you n that, which means I will have to dig them out as I do not have them displayed. From the pictures I have seen of the diorama bases, they do look very big! I wish I had got into this when they were coming out, then I wouldn't be in this position now. Sounds like Im going to be saving a ton of money though, as I won't buy ETO stuff. I wl get back with you whn I take the inventory, thanks for your interest........Stryker
    Tom: if you ever decide to part with any of your Iwo line in the future, allow me a crack at it............Stryker
    Hi, Tom! Got my "I Had Him Draco" today! Extra fast shipping and excellent packing. Thank you!
    I'm going to befriend you, Tom, so it will be easier for us to deal in the future, ok?
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