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  • Hi Chris: That is great news. I just purchased some of the older WB Union Cavalry figures (Captain, guidon, bugler and sergeant) to splice into my sabre fight vignette against primarily Collectors Showcase and Frontline Confederates . Always skeptical of doing a sabre fight but I thought I would utilize them in that motif for a plausible different viewpoint. I will anticipate Ken's WB creations for this year. That is really overdue news. If you get a chance e mail me your personal e mail and I will e mail you some photos of my 1st Virginia Cavalry "Ride around McClellan" vignette and my mounted CS and Frontline Rebels attacking a dismounted Union cavalry detachment along the turnpike fence.

    All the best,

    Hi Chris: It is a good hobby. Sometimes I think the topics go a little off kilter. Better off to stay in the distance as to not offend or be perceived as a nit picker. However, I got energized when I saw WB was doing an ACW 1st Virginia Cavalry Collectors Club figure. When all one collects is ACW Cavalry the entries are few and far between. All the best to you and your family for the upcoming holiday season.

    Thanks for accepting Chris{bravo}}............"in a much smaller way " get outta here you have a fantastic collection^&cool
    hi there.nice pictures.the nile gunboat is beautiful.i have ordered the nile gunboat also.on this moment i have a big sandy terrain matt,and water on it where the boat is coming on.palmtrees and desert buildings.the diorama is gonna be 3 meters long and 1 meter wide.i post some pictures when it is ready.i hope with the holidays i can post it? best ronald.
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