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  • By the WAYNE. I have an awsome german collection of soldiers i would post some pics but belive
    it or not I dont own a cell phone or a digital camara. 2012 i will have to buy one or the other to
    fit in anyway at least their is some warm beer in the fridge.
    Wayne your dio's are always fun and what collecting is about ,always a pleasure to view keep
    posting and merry XMAS by the BEACH!!!!.
    Hi Wayne the picture is still in the shop I see. He said he will send it with your next order.I hope there will be a next order from you If not let me no and I will get it back and post it to you. Regards Simmo.
    Hi Wayne,

    You still have not received the K&C drawing I got for you . I no this as I was in the shop on Saturday and he had forgotten it and it

    was in the same place I saw him leave it. I should of just paid for post as then I no you would have received it. Sorry mate . Next time I will

    just send what I want and not leave it to a Third party. You will like the picture mate so get onto him the next time you order and remide him

    that it's there. Simmo.
    Sorry to here you won't be in Brisbane for the K&C dinner this year.I was looking forward to meeting you mate.I have not received a invitation yet as I think I ruffled Brett's feathers.So I am 50/50 weather I will be going too.Simmo.
    My son has been on holiday in Perth for 17 days and came back Saturday and says he could live there.It is on my list of places to see. Port power man, but the passion is waining.What are your main collecting items?
    I am in Adelaide Wayne, what state are you in. How about the new Zulu & Nile figures, cannot wait to get them, cheers, Robin.
    Hello Wayne good to see a hard working tradsmans on the forum.I shared a house with a butcher when I was single and the good meat he brought home and the piss that went with it .Good to see Simmo.
    Hey Wayne, I have enjoyed the emails. I laughed so hard I cried on the Santa in Summer. Funny Stuff.
    Hi Wayne, K&C reports it was made by the factory specifically for the dio and there is no plan to mass produce it for K&C. Looks cool though!
    Hi Wayne, that photo came directly from K&C. I will ask them who the boat manufacturer is. Regards, Shannon
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