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    Re: Manchuria 1945

    This Dio received a "mention in Despatches" from Andy.

    Note Matt bought a Streets of Hong Kong Hakka woman just so he could get the two baskets of vegetables. Now that is attention to detail.
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    Re: Hue 1968

    Well spotted on the cargo:salute::. No surprise you would be the one to spot it ! I did check the pics Wayne put up showing coming releases and the cargo is there with the US Marines. Must...
  3. Re: King and Country Brisbane diorama and dinner night.

    Vietnam series has 2 sets of 4 Long Tan action figures to come. Image of first set is in thread started by Waynepoo. Also an Aussie / NZ artillery crew with 105 artillery piece. 105 will be seperate...
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    Re: Tight Squeeze

    For the record this Dio took out 3rd place in People's Choice category.

    Matt, do you have an "overall" shot as your images are all close ups of various aspects and can't quite see the overall...
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    Re: Hue 1968

    One of those ones where at first look you only notice the Americans. Then when you go around the back you spot the bad guys who were not that noticeable from the front.

    Great effort by Paul.
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    Re: Taking the gun

    Matt, the round dios look great and works very well with a jungle theme. Paul is creating some excellent scenes. Hopefully you will put all yours and his up.
  7. Re: King and Country Brisbane dinner Report and comp pictures part two.

    One interesting point forgot to mention.

    Last year and this year we had people who had created lighting effects. One brought his own little lamp to place by his Dio.

    However one effect you...
  8. Re: My entries in the K&C Dinner comp.

    My favourite is Hide and Seek. Makes you think ahead to what happens when both come around the corner. Naturally the 1st Aussie guy is the "bushie" who is the expert shot from his hunting out bush...
  9. Re: King and Country Brisbane dinner Report and comp pictures part two.

    That Counter Penetration Force was set up as a direct result of Long Tan. Interestingly the commander of the small force was from the Army Aviation side of things (161 Recce Squadron). I guess that...
  10. Re: King and Country Brisbane dinner Report and comp pictures part two.

    A word on the Long Tan figures.

    Wayne put up an image (post 1) from Andy's display which shows the first Long Tan set and they are the four figures in the foreground. You will notice the kneeling...
  11. Re: King and Country Brisbane diorama and dinner night.

    Firstly congratulations to Greg / Sapper who won 1st with his Vietnam tunnel in both Andy's Choice and Peoples Choice. His Real West also got a "Mentioned in Despatches" by Andy.

    His votes in the...
  12. Re: King and Country Brisbane dinner Report and comp pictures part two.

    Firstly thanks to Wayne for putting up the images. Looks like he got them all :salute::

    The results of the diorama competition (33 dios in competition)

    Judges Choice (chosen by two independent...
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    Re: Attack on the Ouistreham Casino

    You were supposed to be sleeping {sm4}. Hopefully you fitted in some quick research on my brilliant idea also^&grin
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    Re: Where are the Tigers.

    "None around here. Intelligence will give you an update at your next rendezvous. A village called Villers Bocage".
  15. Re: KING & COUNTRY Dispatches -- July 2019

    This release should have come with a "trigger" warning !

    I refer to Cantonese opera{sm2}. I was most unfortunate for a couple of years in Hong Kong to live just above where one set up...
  16. Re: London Toy Soldier Show June 2019 - Pictures

    Thanks Gazza, your efforts much appreciated.

    Whilst always interesting to see any new items from the well known brands the images that attract my attention are the items you don't normally see....
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    Re: Things that annoy me

    Is your mother one of those soccer hooligans and you want them to catch her ? {sm4}
  18. Re: New Releases for July 2019 - American Civil War

    As we all know Warrior has been "bribing" John to produce the 54th Mass and the American Rebellion (^&grin) MASS guys{sm4}. However do we have any SC suspects who might have suggested the above two...
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    Re: Socializing

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    Re: Happy birthday Sapper

    Happy birthday Greg :salute::
    Dont tell anyone but I have some beer in the shop fridge{sm4}. Just called Gerelou to tell her to offer you one if you go in but appears I am too late !
  21. Re: New release: German Tiger Ausf E

    I suggest you order from CS direct.
  22. Re: New release: German Tiger Ausf E

    To be fair to Figarti didn't they set up their own production from scratch ? That in itself was impressive.

    I have heard of stories from other TS brands who have rejected products made by the...
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    Re: Nos4a2

    I don't watch vampire movies as they suck.
  24. Re: New release: German Tiger Ausf E

    Firstly this comment has nothing to do with CS or this Tiger but a general comment on made in China based on my own experience.

    In 1997 I met the owner of a Hong Kong company that sourced and...
  25. Re: Dispatches...Tomorrow, Monday or the 6th?

    Message just received by dealers from K&C that Despatches will on 6 June.
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