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    Kings X "Hue '68"

    Howdy Everyone,
    Jacob and I found ourselves with time to get into our VN diorama and refresh things a bit. We thought it be fun to share our handy work with y'all. Here are some shots that Jacob...
  2. Re: King and Country Caps & Jerseys

    Yeah Andy!
    Please say yes!

    Kings X Toy Soldiers
  3. Re: Penalty for failure to pay taxes. Roman style

    I like the straw and little dog!! Fantastic idea!

    Best from Texas,

    Amber Martinez-Garcia
    Kings X Toy Soldiers
  4. Re: In the Time of the Pharaohs...Ancient Egypt...

    Hey Mike,
    This is great! AE was the first series I started collecting. I regret not buying more.
    My favorite has to be the mummy wrapping with the canopic jars!

    Your use of the desert...
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    Re: Hospitallers Trapped...

    Hey Mike!
    Great job! I like the way you used the desert walls, I never would've thought of that.
    Can't wait to see what you'll do with the new Egyptians!

    Best from San Antonio,

  6. Re: IDF captures Jerusalem: Lions Gate Diorama

    Amazing Zach!
    Thanks for sharing! You've given me some inspiration for the shop:cool:

    Best from Texas,

    Amber Garcia
    Kings X Toy Soldiers
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    Re: Sunday Escape with K&C

    Thanks for sharing Andy!

    The last time Mr. Phil Collins was in the shop he purchased what little American Rev we had left.
    He's a very kind man and I've been lucky enough to help him several...
  8. Re: The battle for the city of Hue diorama in progress.

    WOW, that is incredible detail! Can't wait to see the finished product.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Amber Garcia
    Kings X Toy Soldiers
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    Re: Viva villa !

    ˇQue Viva!

    Villa is one of our favorites here in the shop!

    Thanks for sharing this photo :)

    -Amber Garcia
    Kings X Toy Soldiers
  10. Re: The 4th King & Country Collectors’ Event in Singapore 2018

    Thanks for sharing your photos! Hope you a great time at the event!
    Kings X
  11. Re: The Saturday Night Symposium Tickets on Sale Now!

    We're down to 50 tickets. If you haven't done so already I'd call to get your tickets ASAP!
    You can also email me at to get an invoice sent to you for payment.

  12. 2018 Saturday Night Symposium Returns!!

    That's right! You asked....WE LISTENED!

    We are proud to be again hosting the "Saturday Night Symposium" Dinner!

    Saturday evening May 26, 2018 at 7pm the symposium will be held in the charming...
  13. Re: London TSS March 2018 Photos and Report.

    Thanks for posting all these photos! Its great to get a good look at this show!

    Best from Texas,

    Amber Garcia
    Kings X Toy Soldiers
  14. Re: 2018 Texas Toy Soldier Show Flyer

    Great to hear Zach!

    We are hard at work on the show here in Texas! I should have more details to share with you guys mid-April!

    Best from Texas,

    Amber Martinez-Garcia
    (210) 226-7000...
  15. Re: 2018 Texas Toy Soldier Show Flyer

    Great to hear Konrad! Can't wait to meet you sir!
    Give us a call or email if we can help you with anything.

    Best from Texas,

    Amber Garcia
    (210) 226-7000
  16. Re: 2018 Texas Toy Soldier Show Flyer

    Howdy STG44:

    Jump on I-35 this May and come check out the show! You will not be disappointed.

    The Texas Show really is a TWO day event with 5000 sq. ft. of toy soldiers, dioramas, books, and...
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    Re: Welcome back, Amber!

    I heard you did! Sorry to have missed you.

    Jake is awesome, I'm glad to hear you agree.
    Also...Ruth says Hello!!

    See you soon,

  18. Re: 2018 Texas Toy Soldier Show Flyer

    Howdy Konrad!

    Great to hear that you will be joining us in Texas! The guys are right...your wife would love San Antonio! There is TONS of shopping downtown! Your room at The Menger Hotel would put...
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    Re: Egyptian Shelf Display....

    This is so cool!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Best from chilly San Antonio,

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    Re: Welcome back, Amber!

    Howdy Guys!
    I am THRILLED to be back at Kings X Toy Soldiers.

    Walking back in the doors of the shop was really like coming home.
    Thank you all for your warm welcome: Wayne, Bromhead, blue max,...
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    Welcome back, Amber!


    You asked…we listened!!!

    On behalf of King & Country and Kings X,
    Laura and Andy are delighted to announce Amber Martinez-Garcia’s return to Kings X.

    Please help us...
  22. Re: 2017 Texas Toy Soldier Show Flyer

    Howdy Gents!

    Mike...I'll be giving you a ring back today. Was on the line taking some show questions. Looking like we're in for another BIG show!
    Tables deposits just keep rolling in!
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    Re: reservation problems

    Howdy Bromhead:
    Please do let us know if we can help iron out any issues you may have with the hotel. The 2017 Texas Toy Soldier Show room rate is 109 per night. If you did not receive this rate,...
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    Re: Brisbane k&c dinner 2016.

    Thank you for sharing these photos Wayne. Incredible work by all participants. Especially enjoyed catching an Australian collector looking exceptionally handsome in a Kings X polo shirt! {sm4}
  25. 2016 Texas Toy Soldier Show Television Interview!

    Howdy Collectors!
    Well the 2016 Texas Toy Soldier Show is ALMOST here!!
    For myself it begins in mere hours with set up day on Friday.
    I'm pumped and ready for a weekend filled with toy soldiers...
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