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    Re: My collection

    I love the two US cavalry, one of which is pointing a rifle directly at his corporal who is pointing a pistol directly back at him. Is it mutiny? A duel? Did he say something bad about the corporal's...
  2. What do you do with your tin soldier armies?

    Myself, I...

    -do various displays with them, either marching or on parade or as the garrison of a large wooden fort that I own.
    -fight tin soldier battles with them, leaving huge piles of "dead"...
  3. Re: I trod on one of my soldiers, a clan chief

    He is now thankfully fixed and at the head of his platoon again. :)
  4. I trod on one of my soldiers, a clan chief

    He is ok but his base is bent out of shape and I was unable to pull it flat again with my bare hands. He is important to me as he leads a platoon. Help! Would a ballpeen hammer bang the base back...
  5. Re: The 'character-driven' toy soldier! What is your favorite unusual figure?

    I don't know yet how to take pictures and upload them to this site, which is why I haven't posted pics of my own tin soldiers here yet. But my favourite tin soldier in my collection is one standing...
  6. Is there a link to the Hiriart toy soldier company please?

    I have looked but I can't find a link anywhere.:confused:
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    Re: The Crucifixion

    I like it too, you took a lot of time making it and it looks very realistic. If the Pope collected model soldiers, He would most likely have it in His collection.
  8. Re: Trooping of the Colour at the University of Pittsburgh

    That looks really good. I wish that I could do dioramas like that.
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    Re: Tartan Day 2019

    Very nice and well made.
  10. Re: What Toy Soldier items Have You Acquired in The Last 2 Weeks ?

    Sadly I don't know how to add pictures for you but...

    -two new Yeoman Warders
    -Marine Band (one officer with a sword, two riflemen with sergeant's stripes, one bandmaster and some trumpeters who...
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    Re: Hello everybody!

    I can't post pics online, I don't know how to, but I could tell you about it if you want.
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    Re: Battle for Arnhem....

    This is a really good diorama and it shows.
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    Hello everybody!

    I collect mostly Britain's model soldiers ( although I will collect other types of tin soldiers on occasion, that I normally use as artillery crews, as well as tin soldier cannons and the like.) I...
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