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    Re: Hello everybody!

    Welcome aboard !
  2. Re: Trooping of the Colour at the University of Pittsburgh

    Wonderful, what a great collection. SO jealous !!!! and a great mix of Britains figures over the years and I see a few Ducal mixed in too :)
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    Re: Sam Floca Collection

    Title has been changed :)
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    Re: Trophy Paint match

    As Len was in the UK would he not have used Humbrol enamels ?
  5. Re: 140th Anniversary of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift - ANGLO ZULU WAR

    An excellent round of photos Martyn. I am sure Papa Zulu would approve. He was a big influence in my Zulu collecting and surely is missed.
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    Re: Merry Christmas To One & All

    Merry Christmas Randy !
  7. Re: Merry Christmas from Grandad Martyn and Grandson Archie

    A wonderful display. Merry Christmas to Archie, you and the rest of your family.
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    Re: Club Figures and Standard?

    Two of the horses are stood still so they are going to look stiff :rolleyes2:

    The horses where sculpted by ALan Ball who also did all of the horses for the Napoleonics, Durbar and the WWI range, I...
  9. Re: Battle of Tel-el-Kebir Entrenchments and new display!

    A great display Jeff !
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    Re: Happy Birthday John (Obee)

    Happy birthday John, have a great day !!!
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    Re: Purchasing "job-Lots"

    Superb JB, I agree, they are a nice figure.
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    Re: Happy Birthday mestell

    Happy birthday Mike, hope you had a good one !
  13. Re: LWG001-002 German Winter KT Panzer ABT 509 and TC011 Waffen SS Tank Crew

    Katana is entitled to his opinion and as has been said by another member the base colour is wrong. (I have no expertise in the is area so cannot comment). So lets leave it at that shall we.
  14. Re: Britains Hollowcast Set 101. Household Cav. Bandsman

    Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Re: Britains Hollowcast Set 101. Household Cav. Bandsman

    That is it, Director of Music, could for the life of me think of the correct title.

    Gets quite complex it seems but it does give you the excuse of adding more figures to your collection and...
  16. Re: Chicago Show 2018 Photos (from Steven Chong)

    Is it me or do those horse from Team Miniatures look very K&C esque ?!?
  17. Re: Launch of Replica Metal Soldiers & Models.

    Very nice JB,

    Andrew what pieces of the hunt sets do you have?
  18. Re: Britains Hollowcast Set 101. Household Cav. Bandsman

    Awesome JB, you need to make a band master.
  19. Re: Import /Custom Charges but Handling Fees. A nice little earner.

    Same here in Canada ours charges about the same. Although duty/taxes is hit and miss seems to occur more around the holidays.
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    Re: Happy Birthday Kogu (Konrad)

    A belated Happy birthday !!
  21. Re: Launch of Replica Metal Soldiers & Models.

    Is the Circus based on the Britains lead circus series?
  22. Re: Britains Hollowcast Set 101. Household Cav. Bandsman

    These are looking amazing JB. I knew you wouldn't disappoint :salute:::salute::
  23. Re: Britains Hollowcast Set 101. Household Cav. Bandsman

    These look great JB, can't wait to see them finished.
  24. Re: BB030 German King Tiger Tank - SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler

    I have cleared up a lot of the post here as the quotes we so off the conversation was not making sense. When quoting some please remember to be careful when deleting parts you do not need.
  25. Re: Why high shipping rates by ebay sellers?

    Shipping to or from Canada and also within Canada is ridiculously expensive.
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