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  1. Trophy of Wales Duke of Brunswick mounted, and General Lasalle mounted

    I have the Trophy set of the Duke of Brunswick charging mounted, and a similar set of Lasalle at Wagram charging on horseback. These were special edition sets. The figures are in excellent...
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    Re: KING & COUNTRY Dispatches -- December 2018

    I would like to thank Andy and King & Country for producing the Mexicans in white summer uniform, and now the additional Texians. The summer uniform Mexicans were a grail item on my list and I could...
  3. Toy Soldier & Model Figure Magazine 73 issues #1 starting #77 ending

    I found a horde of Toy Soldier & Model Figure magazines that I did not know I owned. They start with #1 and end with #77. Five in that sequence are missing. There are two different issue 48 (?). ...
  4. Trophy of Wales sets for sale WWI Napoleonic AmRev


    I am taking offers on the following Trophy sets. Individual sets, or the group. All are in like-new condition with original boxes.

    GW32 WWI 5th Westphalian Uhlans 3 mounted...
  5. Trophy of Wales Napoleonics: Hanoverians & Irish Legion

    I have two like-new condition complete sets of Trophy Napoleonic figures in original boxes: WA40 Hanoverian Legion (in French service) and WA44 Irish Legion. Pictures available upon request to...
  6. 4 Plantagenet Knights of Agincourt French 1 & 2 sets English 1 & 2 sets

    I have the first two sets for both the French and English for the Knights of Agincourt series by Plantagenet. These are in original boxes, in excellent condition. Pictures available upon request to...
  7. Re: FS: Trophy Napoleonic sets & Plantagenet Knights of Agincourt

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I sometimes forget to look here when I visit the Treefrog site.

    I have some Northwest Frontier types. And I have some of the old Silver Jubilee (?) marching in full...
  8. FS: Trophy Napoleonic sets & Plantagenet Knights of Agincourt

    I have finally started to box up my Trophy collection for sale/trade. I have a very large Trophy collection of all eras that I will be boxing up and selling. The first two sets are Napoleonic WA44...
  9. Hmm.....My recent Britains Ordering Experience

    A few months ago I certainly sympathized with those loudly complaining about the lack of communication from Britain's, as well as the very slow delivery time. However, I have been surprised to see...
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    Re: K&C website is temporarily out of service

    Bad luck indeed. However, not to be snarky, but what would an "urgent enquiry" look like for a Toy Soldier company?
  11. Re: New Releases for June 2018 - The Conquest of America

    It may be technically ahistorical, but the Conquistadors (or 16th century Spanish in general) without morions would actually "feel" more unhistorical than otherwise. As these are toy soldiers, and...
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    Re: Cut heads & arms & etc on lead figures

    I have used the Xacto saws. They seem to dull very quickly. For instance after a half-dozen uses. I thought they should hold up better. I can see the points about the Dremel (which I have but...
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    Re: King & Country Dispatches -- July 2018

    I only collect pre-1914 K&C (RTA, CR, IC, AG, PNM). For me, it has been awhile since a big release expanded my collections (where are those Alamo Mexicans in summer white uniforms?!). But look at...
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    Cut heads & arms & etc on lead figures

    In the relatively few times I have done this (cut off an arm or a head on a lead figure), I have just used a hobby saw with a fine metal blade. This has been tedious and not terribly clean. Is...
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    Re: Ebay Non Payment

    Ebay and headache. Exactly. I agree with most of the posters who complain about ebay. Have been on there nearly 20 years and have made a ton of money......for ebay (I usually just reduce my loss...
  16. Seeking one King & Country "Red" Silk Road lancer

    Just in case anyone has one they wish to sell.....
  17. Plantagenet Knights of Agincourt: French & English Sets 1 and 2

    I have four excellent condition sets of Plantagenet Agincourt knights in original boxes: English and French, sets 1&2. Pictures are available on request to Tmaturin2 at yahoo dot com. The English...
  18. MIB King & Country SP014 Large Berlin Tenement Bldg for sale

    I have a SP014 Berlin Ruin that has never been removed from the box, from a smoke-free home. Box is in excellent condition, with one sticker on the top. $299 plus $25 shipping in the continental US...
  19. Plantagenet Knights of Agincourt: French & English Sets 1 and 2

    I have French sets one and two, and English sets one and two of the Plantagenet Knights of Agincourt line. These sets are complete, in excellent condition, with original box in very good condition...
  20. Thread: Cease him !

    by Gribeauval

    Re: Cease him !

    "Cease him" is exactly what happened to those the Romans decided were opposing them. I think it is a brilliant pun. Don't change it!
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    Re: January's New Figure Release

    RE: Persians

    The picture of the Immortal (standing next to the Hoplite) is a good representation of a "heavy" Persian infantryman. Most Persian infantry (including the Immortals) would not have...
  22. Plantagenet Knights of Agincourt: French Sets 1 and 2

    I have available French sets 1 and 2 by Plantagenet from their Knights of Agincourt series. Both sets are complete, in excellent condition, with their original boxes. Each set consists of a mounted...
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    Re: What do you want for 2018?

    More Roman Republic Legionnaires (including Velites)...Persian infantry(including archers) and cavalry...a couple Mexican figures to oppose the Legion in Mexico.
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    Re: December news - the figures!

    So much goodness in the pipeline! I wonder how much a kidney goes for these days? (Sadly, the liver is shot already....)
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    Re: December news - the figures!

    This is an excellent point. If you are indeed going to be doing Carthaginians (and I very much hope you are), then these figures are quite suitable as opponents. As is they would represent...
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