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    Re: First legion at Chicago!!

    Hi Frank,
    It's not an exclusive show figure and it's not a game and they aren't meant to be sold. It's special gift we give our customers at our dinner that they look forward to receiving. ...
  2. Re: LAH195 "Hitler Lives" (Dirty Hitler) Figure

    Hi Desertkiwi,
    They took down their listings so let's just move on and if you want this figure buy it from your regular dealer. We prefer to avoid flamefests on the Treefrog forum and have a policy...
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    Re: Connection issues

    Dear Lancer,
    Definitely an issue - we are aware of it and our web host is working to get it resolved.
    Soon we hope!
  4. LAH195 "Hitler Lives" (Dirty Hitler) Figure

    Hi all,
    I have been told this figure is being sold for exorbitance prices on eBay by several sellers so I wanted to make it clear that this special 2015 Texas show figure will be available through...
  5. Re: Forum Anniversary Prize Drawing from Empire Miniatures!

    And the winner is...
    Brad Lewin!

    Congratulations Brad - your prize is winging its way to you as we speak.

    A big thank you to all who entered the contest.
  6. Forum Anniversary Article in Issue 205 of Toy Soldier & Model Figure Magazine!

    Very nice write up on the history of the Treefrog forum in the June 2015 issue of Toy Soldier & Model Figure Magazine. Several members are quoted from around the globe and includes a photo of one of...
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    Re: 10th Anniversary Stats and Fun Facts

    Mike, I have added this information to the FAQ area.
  8. Re: 10th Anniversary Member Appreciation Gift from Treefrog Treasures - Get Yours Now

    A few people missed the boat on signing up for their $10 gift certificate so we are opening the thread again until 10am tomorrow morning Eyota time.

    Remember you need to both post on this thread...
  9. Re: 10th Anniversary Member Appreciation Gift from Treefrog Treasures - Get Yours Now

    Thanks to all who participated. Here's to another 10 years!
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    Re: Happy Birthday Shannon

    A birthday gift from Pete :cool:: YA03 A Lonely GI & His Dog
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    Re: Forum 10th Memorium

    Great idea Brad.

    Chuck Harris was a very active forum member and a good friend. He was one of the greats.
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    10th Anniversary Stats and Fun Facts

    Top poster [Rob - 26306]
    Most replied to thread [Song Title Game]
    Most viewed thread [Bored Tonight...Post a Diorama, LOL]
    Most popular forum [King & Country]

  13. Raise a Toast to 10 Years! Post Your Photos Here

    kugo (and theBaron) had a fun idea on how to celebrate this occasion together:

    "As of celebrating it, I like Brad's "theBaron" idea. With beer!
    Everyone should fill a decent sized glass with this...
  14. 10th Anniversary Member Appreciation Gift from Treefrog Treasures - Get Yours Now!

    Since it is already April 22nd for some of our members, I will officially get this thread started!

    Today on some other threads we announced some special gifts Treefrog Treasures will be giving our...
  15. Forum Anniversary Shout Out to Former Moderators - Especially Jazzeum

    On Moderator Appreciation Day of our 10th Anniversary celebration we also wish to acknowledge our two former moderators Drum and Jazzeum.
    While Drum is no longer active on the forum Jazzeum most...
  16. Moderator Appreciation Day! Shout Out to Moderators

    A big part of our celebrating the forum's 10 year anniversary is to celebrate and honor our tireless moderators who volunteer their time and sacrifice just 'being a regular member, reading the posts...
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    Re: works well with...similar to...etc

    Or you could use the Treefrog consignment service...:wink2:

    Also, just for a different perspective...this rule your talking about has been around for a long time and it makes a lot of sense to me...
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    Re: New UK Dealer

    You are correct Paul.
  19. Re: Treefrog Named Exclusive North American Stockist for Empire Miniatures!

    Malcolm is correct...check out the Forum 10th Anniversary thread in the Forum News section for not one, but two important announcements regarding Empire's support of the celebration and of the forum....
  20. Forum Anniversary Prize Drawing from Empire Miniatures!

    This just in from Malcolm Watson of Empire Miniatures…

    Empire Miniatures recognizes and respects the impact the forum has for ALL manufacturers and collectors and in thanks and celebration of the...
  21. Forum Anniversary Special on Empire Miniatures Belgian Maxim Machine Gun Team!

    For a limited time, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the forum, between today, April 20 through May 3rd Treefrog Treasures, with permission from Empire Miniatures, will be offering W1-1409...
  22. Re: Forum 10th Anniversary - First 30 Members to Sign Up Back in 2005

    Paul you were 105th to sign up. But being in this particular Top 30 just means you were one of the first 30 to sign up. I'll try to get a list together of top number of posts too - but remember,...
  23. Forum 10th Anniversary - First 30 Members to Sign Up Back in 2005

    Here's a list of the very first people to sign up as forum members. Most are still quite active after a decade!

    1) Shannon Reuss
    2) Pete Reuss
    3) gk5717
    4) Fullyautomatic
    5) victory...
  24. Forum 10th Anniversary Shout Outs! What Members Have Helped or Inspired You?

    The forum would be nothing without its members so it makes sense to start the celebration with a thread dedicated to shout outs to members you appreciate most.
    Maybe they helped you with advice,...
  25. Forum 10th Anniversary Celebration April 20-22, 2015 Starts Now!

    Hi all and welcome to the 10th Anniversary of the Treefrog Treasures Toy Soldier Forum. That's right, 10 years!
    First up...a blast from the past! Here are screen shots of the forum in its infancy...
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