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  1. Re: The Punic Wars Roman Warship July 2019 Special Pre-Order Announcement

    For what it's worth, I just read a section in Adrian Goldsworthy's "The Roman Army" on Friday which focused on ships of this very time period. Here was what he had to say:

    "There is still much...
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    Re: The Crucifixion

    Hello Steve

    I like your pictures- especially the first one- the dark clouds look very ominous and foreboding.

    The Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth is a very interesting tragedy in history. The...
  3. Re: The Punic Wars Roman Warship July 2019 Special Pre-Order Announcement

    That's a clever idea- I think you could run with it at 28mm if you could remove the oars and cut them down somewhat and remove the shields and replace them with 28mm scale shields. The rear structure...
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    Re: Come visit Asheville NC sale

    {sm4}{sm3}{sm3} There you go brother ;)

    In fairness to Brad though, I believe he was probably just trying to be of assistance as he always does..................

    Your strategy definitely has...
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    Re: Things that annoy me

    1- Adults who immediately write off today's generation of kids. Gotta admit, of all the teens and early 20's my kids hang around, these kids are fantastic. Sure, they make some mistakes and do goofy...
  6. Re: Mid Atlantic Air Museum WW2 Air Show Reading PA

    Thanks for that Brad. I had no communication whatsoever that that was what had taken place. I ended up parking almost right across from the entrance. Everyone else who parked there was upset as well...
  7. Re: Mid Atlantic Air Museum WW2 Air Show Reading PA

    HAAAAAAAAAAA- Dude- I know exactly who you are talking about!!! I drove by him and was like "TEN BUCKS!!!! F@#%!@#$%!@#$% THAT!!!" {sm3}{sm3}

    Dave- thanks for being so awesome and posting...
  8. Re: Mid Atlantic Air Museum WW2 Air Show Reading PA

    Agreed Brad!!!! That is the really cool thing about that airshow!!!

    Victoria and I were there on Friday- curious but was parking as much of a mess for you as it was for us???? It seemed really...
  9. Re: Mid Atlantic Air Museum WW2 Air Show Reading PA

    More shots

    Well, maybe not- looks like they wont upload for whatever reason. Well, enjoy the p51.

  10. Mid Atlantic Air Museum WW2 Air Show Reading PA

    Hey gang

    My daughter and I made the trek again this year. Weather was a cool 80 degrees so it was fantastic. Logistics for whatever reason were all jacked this year but otherwise, another rock and...
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    Re: Gettysburg Toy Soldier Show 2019

    La Bella Italia isn't just my favorite restaurant in Gettysburg, it's my favorite restaurant PERIOD! Id strongly recommend them- I always go sometime over my birthday weekend.

    If time permits,...
  12. Re: FS: WBritain CLash of Empires/ AWI Lot

    This lot is currently on hold.
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    Re: Mike Tarantino's Toy Soldier Collection

    Well, did you succeed in your mission???? {sm3}{sm4}
  14. FS: Lot of 11 King and Country WW2 sets

    Hey everybody!

    I am looking to thin my collection out and need some dosh to pay some bills. I am offering as a lot purchase the following 11 sets of K&C WW2.

  15. FS: WBritain CLash of Empires/ AWI Lot

    Hey gang

    I am looking to sell this small lot of W Britains AWI/ Clash of Empires figures. I am asking $140 shipped to your front door here in the Continental US. This lot includes the following...
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    Re: Notre Dame de Parjs

    Terrible tragedy. Glad to hear no one was hurt though. It will be interesting to see what the investigators piece together. I can't believe how old sections of that church were.
  17. Re: Pre WWII Douglas MacArthur Color Pic

    Ill take a stab and go Lt Col/ Col but there isn't anyway to tell for certain with the uniform he is in. I think I have seen this picture before in B&W and it was from the early 1920's- 1921-22 ish.
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    Re: Bored Tonight...Post a Diorama, LOL

    In general, yes Kevin my friend- your assumption is correct. Not sure if the turret number is in the correct place here on your model or not as I am not intimately familiar with positioning ID...
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    Re: Star wars: Rise of skywalker

    M'ehhhh I think the SW franchise needs to go away big time. These movies look good in the previews but the actual flicks themselves just suck atrociously. I have no confidence in this thing being any...
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    Re: GAME OF THRONES Season 8

    Yeah, that was what I was saying too! I mean cmon, you get this EPIC battle scene at the end of the last season and then this little "m'ehhh" battle.

    God I still wish that dragon TORCHED John...
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    Re: Roman Era Trivia

    We have a winner!!! :o

    Mirof- thanks for your reply- I was really stunned by this as I never knew there was any connection (I'm assuming I am showing my ignorance of legal terms here). I thought...
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    Re: Roman Era Trivia

    The modern term "Esquire" is based off what Latin term?
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    Re: GAME OF THRONES Season 8

    I bought two bags of the special GOT Oreos for this! {sm4}{sm4} One bag didn't make it past Friday lol

    It was a pretty good show but just overall had a "well look here- you haven't seen this...
  24. Re: Indiana jones, star wars, gettysburg, black panther

    Oh No!!! Well, as my kids are fond of saying "I got your neck" - I took this hook line and sinker- though I started too see the light with the Dirty Harriet movie!!! {sm4}{sm4}

    Good one!!! You got...
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    Re: The Imperial German Army- Opinions

    Cheers to that Brad- I was looking at comparing apples to apples but yeah,. I didn't really convey that. Looking at the Imperial GA during their heyday of WW1 and the Wehrmacht in WW2.
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