Hey all,

I think that we have done this before but I thought I would start a new thread for some discussion and research on any variations in Imperial's Bengal horsemen.

Below are some pics of one identified variation. Please post your own pics of these sets, especially if you see something different.

This is an example of what I believe to be a standard paint scheme on a horseman from Imperial set #50a;

Note the predominance of black (or dark blue) in the turban and also the full cavalry boots and pinion colors.

Here is a picture of Vandilay's set of Bengals - an example of at least two known sets that may have been painted per a special order.

Again, note the different boots, the pinion colors and the predominantly light blue turban. Otherwise, the above two horsemen appear the same to my eye.

Interesting, nicht wahr?

Now, just for general reference purposes, here are representative shots of each of the other sets;





Do any of you fellas have Bengals that look different than these? If yours look the same as one of the "variations" post that info too, please.

Cheers and thanks in advance for your input.