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    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for the note, and yes they all came in one lot....At first I did not believe what was being laid out on the counter and had to work my best poker face not to blow my cover. But once the stall seller started pulling them out of the box, I said ok no need to get them all out ( was afraid it would call too much attention... and competition...).
    After settling the deal, I asked the person the source of such collection and he told me it came from the sales proceeds of an estate...

    Having said that I have told my wife and kids that Daddy´s soldiers value a pretty penny, so just do not toss them out when I pass to the next level, or box them away......Call Vectis or Old Toy Solbier Auctions and get them to appraise the stash...

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    Did you get them all in one lot? That in itself is a great find. Seldom do we see a large number of Stadden castings of the same subject come on the market at one time.

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