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Also I remember Mel Gibson's kid in The Patriot was playing with them when he was killed....And a cheater....Toy Story
Movie Fans,
The figures which appeared in "the Patriot" were Wollners which were of Austrian manufacturer and in the wrong uniform of the time. About 1 century after the American Revolution. The Smithsonian which supposedly helped research the movie really missed their mark on this. I forget which unit they are as I do not have a copy of the letter I wrote to the producers at the time citing the correct unit that was shown on the screen. I never received any response to my letter. As I do not have my uniform books in front of me or readily accessible I believe they are either Trabantenleibgarde or Arcerienleibgarde in the uniform of 1890s or so. I will try sometime to find my copy of the movie and my notes to clear this up. I had pointed this out to my Austrian friends when the movie was out.