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    Quote Originally Posted by theBaron View Post
    OK, yes, it is VID who own the Miniwelt catalog; it's in the thread that Obee referenced. Here's the specific post:

    Like I said-nice figures, but too large for my purposes.

    Thank you, Herr Baron,

    I will now cross VID off my possibles list, like you, I don't really like the big figures.

    As you know, I am very much interested in Friedrich's opposition, the Army of Maria Theresia. Just got a tip off from the "plastics" thread that there may be something happening at Hat. Just checked it out, and we could possibly be seeing some 1/32 7YW Austrians, "at some time in the future".

    I live in hope!!

    Happy Collecting


    PS: Many Thanks, Obee for putting up your new IR 40 paint jobs, stunning!
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