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    Quote Originally Posted by Artillery_crazy View Post
    Hi Martyn,
    Great dio and set lay out...I have to say that the Yeomanry Maxim gun carriage and garrison is just very nice and accurate to the last detail! Strange though yours is the second one I have seen other than the one I have! A pity....for it is just too nice not to be more popular!
    What makes Yeomanry stick out versus other manufacturers in my opinion is his attention to detail.
    When collecting sets that portrait the second Boer War one tends to get into a fix as far as sources of accurate uniforms and weapons and Yeomanry was/is a source of accurate sets. I have spoken to Mike at Little Legion and pointed out that his sets have the wrong rifle ( Martin Henry´s - from the Zulu War era ) when in the 1900´s the British Army had already swoped those for the magazine fed Lee Metfords, but he has no intention to change his choice of that creates the historical inconsistency that I am upset with....
    Same with Trophy ( but not much you can do here given they are no longer trading ).
    I completely agree, Luiz, Yeomanry Miniatures is not nearly popular enough when you consider the quality of its products. I own half a dozen Yeomanry Miniature Interwar Years Vehicles, and they are excellent quality, and very reasonably priced.
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