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    Quote Originally Posted by saxon lions View Post
    The vagaries of collecting HECO - over the last few weeks two HECO Fokkers have appeared on E-Bay the first a EV/DVIII Monoplane attracted loads of bids and finally sold for $590 (£450), the next week an all red Triplane went on sale for $200 (£150) and did not receive a single bid. Funny how a plane that played virtually no part in WWI and in spurious markings is worth 4X the value of a noted plane in the markings of the war's leading ace - the law of supply and demand - but I bet there are a few confused sellers.

    Heco prices have been all over the place recently. I can remember when any Heco item on eBay sold for about half of original retail. Now Heco items often go for 2-3 times original retail, while other items remain a bargain. There is no rhyme or reason to auction sale prices as far as I can see. All you need is two collectors with deep pockets wanting a particular item and the sky becomes the limit.

    But as I mentioned, I picked up around 10 Heco warbirds for around original retail, and I will post photos of them upon receipt. If you need any of them, all you need to do is ask, and you can have them for what I paid for them.


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