I was wondering is anyone has and information, be it a listing or catalog or pictures in a book of the 54mm range of Stadden figures made in the 1960's /70's?

The reason is I have 'acquired' just over 2 dozen Napoleoinc castings, French and British, and would like to have some sort of an idea what was made.

I'd also like some sort of an idea how to pose the figures,a s they are all striaght arm and leg, but dure to the softness of the metal, they can be animated into various poses, and weapons, packs, swords and such added.

The bases are cast, not tin plate, so I'll pin the feet to the base, and they will look great with my 'lick of paint' like these recent ones that a friend got for me at the East Coster in NY in Nov.

Austrian Grenadier

Polish Lancer Officer with Prussian Grenadier's shako.

Thanks, John