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    Hi All,
    Fresh from the troop ship coming from down under the latest Jock Battalion has arrived, this time with the HQs officers.
    Along the marching contingent and officers, Obee also sent me a squad ready to repel an assault to the square section allotted to the Scot´s to hold while their Sgt has some time to enjoy his pipe....
    This Stadden Scottish Regiment now taking form has grown substantially these months thanks to Obee´s great expertise and dedication...Without Obee, these over 30 years old sets would be sitting lost at the Virginian fair from which they were rescued and given new life in the New World.......
    Pitty I do not have pics of what these sets looked like when I bought them...with no lick of paint and just a grey prime over them wonders they were hard to spot....But a keen eye always has a chance to scoop a treasure trove.
    Of all these sets, considering that the whole contingent of around 84 soldiers between officers and rank and file....Obee is gradually painting them and 35 are now ready... and as he goes along some rank and file is given a promotion to Sgt and Corporals so as to develop a real sense of working Battalion...Other than the great luck of literally tripping over the box they were in at the fair, what is more remarkable ( on top of Stadden Scots are rare to find ) were the set of even with a Glenmore broad sword drawn out ready to slash in half a Fuzzy Wizzy that by fate crossed his path...
    To be fair there are two Tradition From London in the group, just to show how these two brands complemented each other, they blend very well indeed...
    More to come.....And looking forward to taking pics of the whole Battalion together in field maneuvers soon....
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