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    Met with a guy once who was much older than me and blow hearting about his concrete prowess. Here is how the conversation went (that I recall)

    Braggadoccio: Do you know who invented decorative concrete?

    Me: Ummmm...

    Braggadocio: ME! (leaning towards me with both hands on the desk)

    Me: Uh...huh and...

    Braggadocio: It was ME back in the 70's, it was I who started this whole industry with tennis court coatings.

    Me: I see, but I...

    Braggadocio: I was the one who started it all in concrete! ME that's who! I started colored concrete, stencils, designs, cutting and decorating concrete. ME!


    Me: the Romans had nothing to do with it? I mean the Romans invented CAEMENTA which changed the world and still have fresco's draping concrete walls in Italy...yes? Don't get me wrong I dig your tennis court story, but uh, I think it is only prudent to go back a little further to the Romans who really invented concrete...decorative or You know what CAEMENTA is...don't you?

    Braggadocio: How do you pronounce that?

    Me: Hey listen it was nice visiting and I got to get back to San Antone...welcome to Texas.

    John from Texas
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