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Thread: Creating the Battle of the Bulge.....Wacht Am Rhine

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    Default Creating the Battle of the Bulge.....Wacht Am Rhine

    The Lt and I were discussing some posts and he suggested a WW2 thread, here goes.

    December 15th 1944, the german forces gather for a major push into W Europe - a desperate gamble to reach the sea at Antwep and split the allies, via the Meuse bridges around Liege. Hitler throws everything he can to the South of the recent fighting in the Hurtgen, recreating his daring attack of 1940, again against the advice of his generals, particularly Guderian, who worried more about the Russians on the border in the East.

    At the tip of the scherpunkt in the North is Kampfegruppe Peiper. Two panzer 4 companies would lead followed by two panther companies and panzer grenadiers in half tracks. These would be followed by artillery and engineers whilst the Tiger 2 tanks of SS Panzer Abteilung 501 would bring up the rear. The forces concentrated in the tiny German and Belgian towns of the eastern Ardennes and the difficult terrain of the Schnee Eifel.
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