To breathe life into the Imperial forum I pose a question:

What known paint variations are out there that may interest collectors. This is aside from any DIY paint retouching. Legitimate, issued and sold by Imperial paint variations only please.
I guess the Gordons Heirloom series is the most "famous" paint variation of HS1 and HS2.
In my own collection I have a special painting of set 73 which was painted as Light Infantry rather than Line infantry in the Crimean series. I also have a set of Rorke's drift personality figures with the figure pointing (dont know his name) in a red 24th foot jacket instead of blue. I also have a set of Gordons Napoleonic colour party without a red stripe on their legs.
Imperial is well known for meticulous attention to detail so I'm picking that the variants are deliberate special runs rather than errors.
I'd be interested in fellow treefrogger's views.