As many of you may know Dave Love sold his Artillery range to Fleurbaix Toy Soldiers when his range of miniature ships began to out sell his military range. However, he entered the model soldier arena again in conjunction with Alan Caton making new Artillery pieces with figures maade by Alan.

Dave's other interests, however, meant that he could not devote enough time to this venture so he has terminated this part of his business. The result is that he has passed over the last of his stock to Yeomanry Miniatures to dispose of them. All the remaining models are painted in matte colours and I thought I would offer them to the Treefrog Forum Members before taking them to shows. No sensible offer will be refused and I will post a list of the 1/32nd models I have so far catalogued. There are still some more items to check over but these are mainly odds and ends of figures in 1/32nd scale and some vehicles in 1/48th scale. These I will post as soon as I have ascertained exactly what there is.