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    [QUOTE=zblang;854735]New figure from Nevskaya Miniatura
    Tamerlane 14th Century

    For my money, Nevaskaya is producing some of the best figures out of Russia. The benchmark might still be Russian Vityaz, but it's hard to beat Nevskaya these days, in my opinion.

    These pictures really don't do this figure justice. The realism and texture that you see in person just can't reproduce in the photos. You can look at this day after day and find some new detail you previously missed.

    Have several on foot figures through Aeroart and Kolobob, have one directly from Tatiana which is just wonderful, paid ouch for it, of course. Did manage to purchase a few used equestrian figures through ebay, spouse and kids would happily kill me if they knew what I spent. But the horses appear to be second to none. Extremely well crafted in sculpt and there's a unique painting effect. Splendid to possess Tend to agree with what you're writing. Thanks for the post, looks great.
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