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Yes, that museum was brilliant... I spent all morning there as we planned on seeing where the Armistice was signed in 1918 which is just outside the town.

http://www.musee-figurine.fr/index.aspx (French language websites, but you can see images of the collection)


We also deposited out hire car in Compiegne and spent the night in the town, before getting the train into Paris in the afternoon, thus saving a drive into the mad traffic of Paris.

The trip by rail was only about an hour and terminated at Gare du Nord, close by our hotel, so even if you are staying in Paris, its a great day trip to see toy soldiers and an very important WW1 site.

Isn't it a fantastic place John?

We were on holiday about five miles from there and we did the trips into Paris and visited some of the Great War graves and the Champagne region to keep the wife happy.

I actually managed to get a behind the scenes look at some of their stored soldiers which they have no room to display and their reference library. Some of the "flats" are superb. They have a massive amount that isn't on show. There were a couple of guys repairing some of the painted figures. Fascinating.

I've made my mind up now to go back very soon.