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I don't have any Stadden figures. This was listed on ebay as one and I was just wondering if it really is. I got it bc I simply liked it, just wondering now if it really is Stadden. I took a photo of the bottom. The only marking is the word "Master" on the inside of the base.
Yes, that is a Stadden figure. It is not however studio painted. It probably smells of fresh paint.
The guy who sold it to you buys old plain pewter Stadden figures and has them painted for him.
The painter used to work for Stadden. It's missing the base plate and green felt covering.

There are a couple of eBay UK sellers that paint old Stadden pewter figures. One you can always
tell as the lettering on the base is always cockeyed, and often made up.

Nice figure anyway for the price. Enjoy.