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    Here are three more workshop photos of sets being made for the current 2018 order, however, there a few sets included that our not part of that order. Most sets are complete, but some are lacking the final gold and silver paint details.

    Photo One: From the right to the left, special set 1179 Modern Italian Alpini with skis in white camo uniforms, set 1336 German Westfalische Jaeger Bataillon 1914, Modern Russian Guards, special set 1179 Modern Italian Alpini in summer camo uniforms, set 1200 The Liberation of Paris with De Gaulle, four special sets of 1119 Greek Evzones in summer khaki uniforms, and special set 1119 Greek Evzones in blue winter uniforms. In the rear set 1348 Greek Navy, Balkan War, 1912.

    Photo Two: Left, set 1021 The Red Devils Parachute Infantry Band. Right, three non-catalog sets of German Jaegers at the trail, 1914 and set 1106 Elephant with Indian Army Machine Gun Crew.

    Photo Three: Right front to rear, set 1068 U.S.M.C. Color Party, Dress Blues; another set of non-catalog German Jaegers at the trail, 1914 and special set 1048 Deutsches Kriegsmarine, parade step. Partially visible top right, two sets of 1154 Deutsches Infanterie, 1914 and two special sets of 1033 13th Franz Josef I Bavarian Infantry.
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