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    I've been asked by a few people to share my collection and I've finally decided to oblige the powers that be. This is the majority of it other than a few random things that are at my office. I can post those photos later on when I am there. The first photo is from my kitchen counter and are things that haven't found a home in the cabinets yet. I apologize for some of the garbage photos, but based on lighting and angle that I had to take them, some are weird. If there is anything you see that you have a question about or want to see more close-up, just let me know. Enjoy!

    I;m not sure how many I can put in one post, so I'll put a few in each and see how it goes!

    Editor's note...Zach originally posted Photobucket images in this space, but as he's no longer using Photobucket to host those images they were blank. He requested that we post the site where the photos can be found.
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