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    Default Polish Winged Hussars

    Legendary Polish Winged Hussars... Many victories in XVI and XVII century, not only well known battle of Viena 1683, but for exampe:
    - Cutrea de Argesz 1600, 1450 soldiers (in this 950 hussars) defeated Italish army of 7000 soldiers
    - Kircholm 1605, 3750 soldiers (in this 1750 hussars) defeated Swedish army of 12300 soldiers
    - Koluszyn 1610, 6800 soldiers (in this 5556 hussars) defeated Russian army of 35000 soldiers
    - Chocim 1621, 640 soldiers (in this 560 hussars) defeated Turkish army of 10000 man.
    - ....
    Ok this is not historical forum and I'm not historian, so please forgive me.

    Is anybody here collecting them?
    I have quite nice collection in 54mm, more then 25 different figures, most of them painted in St. Petersburg, a few painted by me. I can make photos of them and post here if any interest.

    I start below from Ages studio figures. They are maybe not the highest quality, not comparable with e.g. Arsenyev, but big advatage is: they are available to buy at any moment, and the prices are quite reasonable.
    Drummer is from Müritz Miniaturen painted by me, Trumpeter is conversion of this figure also painted by me.
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