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Thread: Any more new hat sets in 1/32nd?

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    I agree with your opinion on the subject of Hat doing a lot of smaller kingdom armies. That being said, The headgear of the barvarians and wurttumbergers was immpossible to convert without costly metal purchases. So I was happy to buy several boxes of the marching and action poses of each kingdom. The MAC system, a good Hat idea by the way, allowed me to only buy what command I needed.

    The French light infantry in the 4 box configuration saved even more money for me. If they had tried to put the same amount of each unit type in 1 box the number of boxes I needed to get the correct balance of troop type would have been costly.

    Their sticking point seems to be how to fit everything on to the sprue. Not enough room for all the extra heads backpacks and arms. My solution is to simply make the figures they want to put into a set and cut up ths sprues so the figures and other bits fit in the box. On the Hat website the 1/72ers speak of painting the figures while still attached to the sprue. That is not nessassarily a must for us as the figures are large enough to hold while painting.

    The other thing that slows production and costs more is the separate backpacks. I would rather get 1 piece figures than get nothing at all. I'll take a bit of blocking over not having new figures.

    As far as cavalry goes they seem to be hung up on how to make the horse, whether 1 piece or 2. Horses have been made by other companies for a while now. The real question should be do you do the Timpo thing with separate horses saddle and figure, or the Italeri way with the saddle moulded on the horse or the AIP way with the saddle as part of the rider. Pros and cons for each style.
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