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    Without any doubt the Redcoats & Bluecoats is one of the best series of W.B. I do not know what will be the future of the series no matter its name but I strongly believe that highly quality gloss sets must be part of Britain's catalogue. For now it seems that the series is decline. 6-7 mounted figures is nothing. Let's see what will follow. But what I was expected from W.B. is gloss sets. And I mean not just single figures but sets which the collector will open their box and see 6 to 13 marching figures, take them out one by one and place them the usual way (something reminiscent of the 88 series of the 90's or the W. M. Hocker series etc). For example the various WWI centenaries were a great opportunity for gloss marching Germans, British, Austrians etc. Anyway, the company must believe and invest to gloss among the matte figures. There are two different types but collectors like them both.
    I am posting some photos of my Redcoats etc collection.
    I agree that this was a great series and would love to see it continued. There were lots of single figures that had no others related to them. For example the 19th C British Colonial Wars. Yes one could buy multiples of a marching figure but there were no officers, sergeants or musicians in many cases. The only Colonial subject with a wider range was the Zulu War and that was left unfinished. I would like to have seen this for the Sudan or Northwest Frontier. I always felt that WB's Redcoats and Bluecoats were the most realistic glossies on the market.

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