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Thread: AWI Figures with Army Painter Dip

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    Default AWI Figures with Army Painter Dip

    I have tried the Army Painter DIP with little or no success. My 28 mm figures just end up looking dirty. Not the intended effect at all.
    While moving some stuff from my basement I came across a bunch of 54 mm plastic figures that I had block painted years ago. I did a few conversions and gave the figures a pretty basic paint job. You can see what these looked like in the first photo. By the way, that garish greenish/yellowish color is really buckskin. The flash didn't do it any favors.

    I decided to give the Army Painter a try to see if it would work on the larger scale figures. I did as the Master (that's you,Phil) instructed and brushed it on sparingly. I attempted to remove large pools from the figures by brushing in a downward motion, with a large, flat brush.
    I can't tell you how pleased I am! I let everything dry overnight then sprayed Dulcote over the figures to kill the shine. For the first time, I actually got good results from the Dip or Magic Wash or any of the dozens of washes that I have tried.

    This takes care of the Militia. I still have Hessians, British, Continentals and French, all block painted and ready to be dipped. I used the Soft Tones for these. Any advice on what to use on the rest?


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