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    Whilst collecting up sufficient Life Guards, for a recently completed project, from mostly e-bay sources - I either had to buy some other pieces offered in the same lots - or saw others from the same seller at bargain prices - usually because some repair work would be involved.

    These are the Hussars I collected along the way, all of which required some attention.

    I hope you can see below, eight Britains Hussars - all of which are in some state of repair and restoration. There are two basic poses here - Four are on cantering horses - and four at full stretch on the galloping horse (sometimes referred to as the Rocking Horse). It's fair to say that most needed one, two or in one case three legs for their respective steeds. These were replaced by the now familiar drill, pin and glue method. Note also that the plume to the small fur cap is often broken off - and can be replaced by drilling into the snapped off base - glueing in a small pin, which then receives a wrapping of milliput which can then be sanded down and painted. The steel core (paper-clip section) will keep it safe again. You can probably see some of these repairs when in the bare metal state - usually given away by the white milliput filler on joints - but once painted - they just disappear. The bay horse at centre, for example has had front right and rear right legs replaced. I trust you can't now see the joints.

    Note also that Britains cast in a sword in a scabbard on the left side - and a carbine in a scabbard on the right side of the horses. They then proceeded to give the rider either a sword - or carbine in his right hand. This effectively gave the rider either two swords - or two carbines! As you may be able to see, I'm going to rectify this with mine - by removing the extra weapon. The gallopers will be carrying a carbine, whilst those cantering will have sword in hand - so I will remove the extra weapons from the scabbard, by removing the sword-handle and guard, or carbine butt on the respective horses. This is done by surgery - and repairs made with tissue paper, glue and milliput.

    Two of my figures will be trumpeters ( one for each type), so the scabbarded weapons will be kept for these - as they will carry the trumpet in their free right hand. I have most of the spares required ( arms/weapons) - except for one hussar head - which is on order from Dorset Soldiers - which is where all of the other horse-leg spares used came from.

    As is my usual practice, I will be basing all of my figures, with custom made stands - made from light alloy metal, drilled and pinned to each standing foot of each horse, as I've already begun jb

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