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    Default Changes at Empire

    Hi everyone,

    We are going to be making several announcements over the coming weeks about changes being made here at Empire. Nothing wrong, so please do not light the blue rumour touch paper! This is pure progress of the business, the brand and part of the planned development and growth schedule.

    Part one then.

    We are no longer going to be attending the LTSS as an independent manufacturer. Now, this may shock a few of you but it is for good reason and fear not, we WILL be there, just in a different way!

    We have been searching for the "right" retail partner to represent us at shows as well as on line and with premises. Several well known people had the chance to be that "special" retailer but, to be blunt, they blew it, which is fine as you only get to really make the right decision by looking at all the questions.

    So, without further ado, I can confirm that from the LTSS on June 4th, Empire will be solely represented at shows by Maison Millitaire. Many congratulations and thanks go to Robin & Tina, this is a great move for everyone, collector, retailer and the brand.

    For those that do not know, Maison Millitaire have tables on the ground floor and are located on the right hand wall. As you enter the exhibition room, you take the first right and go to the end and that is where you will find them. Empire will be represented on 2 tables and ALL lines will be stocked and available to purchase.

    I will be in attendance at all shows as well, supporting Tina & Robin in promoting Empire.

    More news will, as I say, follow regarding other developments soon. As always, any questions, you know how to contact me and please do.
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