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    Quote Originally Posted by lenswerks View Post
    Conte-Seriously - Would not be WB then would it.
    Business Model - You’re kidding – That cracked me up.

    War Along the Nile Tel-el-Kebir [and others] were announced to be released Spring 2017. This was part of the winter 2016 collection. I had pre-ordered ~800$, cash payment [not from TF, but another store I was using at that time] and was aware the actual release missing the announced date by 30-60 days and that was okay, they had been doing that for the past 10 years. Tel-el-Kebir has still not been released in the US, removed with WB WEB site. Some were released in the UK. Sellers now show they are to be released either January/February 2018 or early 2018. Well when you cannot produce the product that sometimes means no cash. After waiting a year thinking they would be released anytime, I ask and received a refund.

    It’s not about that I had 800$ tied up for a year. It is about that no information was released by the company to its customers about the continued no product delays. However, there was always time for the company to show what they are working on next.

    The company has a nice product and fair price, but no management.
    Ive done the same as you, i'd pre ordered the whole new War Along The Nile set but cancelled . The lack of figures coming to market and the complete lack of information from WB is turning me off.
    Ive had a reminder from the Club but don't think i'll renew this year after the delays of last year and the Nap figure not being that being that exciting.
    Its a shame I've brought hundreds of WB Naps over the last few years but have moved over to First Legion ,a lot more money especially in the UK
    but wonderful quality and the ranges seem to have a lot more figures in , a problem with WB a lot of Nap regiments only got a small amount of similar poses .
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