Dear All,

We currently live in some of the most interesting and challenging times for many years, both within our hobby and of course out side of our hobby.

The decision to leave the EU has left the UK in a very interesting place, some would say worrying but not I. All change is worrying and the sights and reactions we are seeing are not unexpected, well not by me anyway.
I am aghast at the state of UK and world politics currently but this is not the forum for me to express my views.

Our hobby has seen some announcements over the last couple of weeks that has made many of us sit up and think about the future, we most definitely have. I have been taking counsel with a number of people, both in and outside of our hobby to enable me to make what I consider the best and right decision for the future of Empire, our customers, our retailers and also the hobby in general.

Friday 1st July will see me make a statement and an announcement regarding the future of Empire and where we may (or may not) sit in the hobby's future.

Thank you,