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Thread: Empire Figures at £26.99 each!

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    Default Empire Figures at £26.99 each!

    We were sat here discussing business etc and realised that in last weeks announcement regarding our price decrease that we did not mention the free collectors club.

    The club is still operating and this makes a big difference to the price of our figures; To recap:

    You join the club and get a membership number and loyalty card.
    Once you have purchased 9 figures (2 piece sets and mounted count as 2 purchases), you get the 10th one free.
    By multiplying £29.99 by 9 you get £269.91. Divide that figure by ten and yes, the answer is £26.99 per figure!

    So, come on guys, you tell me when and where you could last by a limited edition (100) figure for £26.99 ($35.10)........ Or any figure really........

    Stocks are getting low so if you want to grab some good price figures while Sterling is poor, you would be advised to hurry up

    And yes, following a couple of comments over the weekend, we will lay away product for you and enable you to buy / pay monthly at no extra charges
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