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    I sold all of my early K&C glossy sets years ago except for these Liebstandarte 1938 sets. The first LAH sets 1 through 11 were glossy painted; I don't know if LAH12 was also and at what set number they no longer made glossy. At some point, K&C offered LAH01A, LAH02A, etc. that differed in that their helmets and boots were still glossy, but the rest of the figure was now painted in matte.

    In any case, here is my K&C Liebstandarte 1938 display with 48 figures which has sets LAH01 flag bearer & 2 figures at attention, several sets of LAH02 with 4 figures goose stepping, several sets of LAH03 with 6 figures goose stepping including an officer, LAH04 with Hitler & 4 figures, LAH06 a 11 piece fife & drum band, LAH07 with 2 figures saluting, LAH08 with an officer & 5 figures presenting arms, and LAH09 with 2 motorcycle riders. The display also includes the LAH082 Nuremburg Review stand which I think is made of resin. The first Nuremburg Review Stand, which I never owned, looked quite different and was made of paper mache. I am not sure when this series came out, but my figures have 1991 stamped on their bases. I bought these (except for LAH082) in 1994 or 1995 from the original owner, Phil Fong who worked at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank.
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