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Hi Scott,

You are the closest to the correct answer.

This set was made by "Pearce Miniatures" of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Sculptor was Ricky Pearce, son of Doug Pearce. Both the Pearce boys are no longer with us. I have no idea where the moulds are. Doug and Ricky had quite a large output of figures, mostly of Australian themes. I have a number of their pieces in my collection including this one.

Just for the record, they were not related to the late Craig Pearce of Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers. His moulds are in limbo too. Caught up in a family dispute I believe.

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Thanks very much, I am familiar with both makers as have both in my collection, but never realized Pearce did this one! Wow, can you confirm the regiment/era for me or the name of the set?