Before I list these sets under the Collectors Classifieds - For Sale/Trade thread and subsequently on eBay, I thought I would give my fellow Imperial collectors a heads up. I will be listing the Imperial HS1 and HS2 Heirloom Gordon Highlander sets for sale soon. Both these 40 figure sets are in their original wooden boxes with outer cardboard shipping boxes which are marked HS1 and HS2 Gordons in their respective upper left hand corners. I purchased the HS1 Gordons set from toy soldier dealer Scott Morlan at the West Coaster several years ago; I believe it was originally owned by a collector in Washington state, but it appears to have never been displayed. I purchased the HS2 Gordons set directly from Imperial dealer Stone Castle Imports several years ago and never removed the figures from the box. You may recall that it is believed that there are only ten each of these Gordons Heirloom sets in existence. This compares to the HS1 Heirloom Cameron Highlander sets of which 405 were made and the HS2 Heirloom Cameron Highlander sets of which 268 were made with production of both ending in 2005.

I am also going to list the four Indian Cavalry special paint sets plus their four single mounted officer companion sets. These were available in 1993 for a limited time and in very small numbers. They were special paints based on the set No. 50 13th Bengal Lancers sculpts. They were designated sets No. 51A 6th Bengal Cavalry (tan uniforms), 51B 1st Bengal Cavalry (yellow uniforms), 51C 4th Bengal Cavalry (red uniforms), and 51D 30th Lancers (green uniforms). The three figure sets are MIB in their boxes and are still tied in as when produced with original foam rubber packing and pink instruction tags. They also have their original cardboard outer sleeves. The officer sets are also MIB.

I will be entertaining offers and am willing to negotiate prices. Please contact me at if you might be interested in acquiring any of these rare and very hard to find sets for your collection. This is an opportunity that may never come up again.