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    Patriots offense was clicking on all cylinders tonight, the defense was all over Mariotta, 8 sacks, a total blowout. Brady looked great, the defense turned it up a notch and did their job.

    The Iggles beat the Falcons with an offense from the 1950's; honest to Christ, Foles can't throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield, nothing but screens, slants, sideline outs and dinks and dunks.

    Why not play 8 in the box and the safeties down low to take away all that rinky dink crap, they had one decent drive all game long, not to mention that gift of a field goal opportunity at the end of the half; the kicker drilled it from 51 yards, don't get me wrong, but had than FG chance not been handed to them, the Falcons pull the game out with last second field goal instead of having to score a TD at the end.


    The Patriots set a record now, 7 strait AFCCG's, just incredible.

    This will be their 12th AFCCG in the last 17 years with a chance to go to their EIGHT Super Bowl.

    Talk about a spoiled fan base, we're very lucky to be fans of this team is all I can say.

    Win or lose next week, this is a great organization.
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