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    But - the seemingly never ending list of patients continues - this time with a couple of our chums from New Zealand.

    Well, Britains actually, but you know what I mean. They represent NZ Infantry in Service Dress 9 (from Set 1542, issued 1937 - 1959). Unmistakable in their "Lemon Squeezer" hats.

    Once again, my pair were found minus the moveable arm - which should have had rifles at the slope. Both also had no stand (base) or feet.

    My pics below show the spare parts used in front of the figures as unpainted castings. ( from Dorset Model Soldiers). I restored the one at the slope to conform to how the figure was originally - but my second figure uses an arm that I have had "in stock" for quite a while, which I've been itching to use, so I thought it might be fun to show him with his rifle slung from the left shoulder - another figure that Britains never made.

    As both of these are Hollowcast figures - it is reasonably easy to remove the boots from the small stand - and simply slot them into the hollow legs of the castings with a spot of glue to fix 'em in. Once these are drilled and pinned to the stand, they can stand up once again. Then it's just a repaint - in mainly Khaki. jb

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