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    Here's my solution to problems of stability with older kneeling figures. Simply put them on a stand (base), the same as their standing brothers. I don't think this detracts from their attraction in any way.

    This stops "wobbly" problems for good. Simply glue and pin the figure to a small base - and they can still kneel - without falling over.

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    The two field telephone operators and kneeling firing GI's (Charbens), had playwear, which had, over time, made the points where they touched down a little rounded - causing either wobbling or just inability to kneel without falling over.

    Similar problems afflicted the Timpo GI's ( on the right side of pic) before pinning to a fabricated stand. You may also be able to see my open hand modification of the mortar man - where his raised hand should be holding another mortar bomb ( as his lower hand does). This was missing when found - and I was unable to find or purchase a spare part. So I substituted an open hand instead. We will see how this works out, once he has been painted. jb
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