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    Default Purchasing "job-Lots"

    As my originally posted thread seems to have vanished - let's try again.

    Below see my recent e-bay "Job-Lots" of varied mounted and/or horses. I like to bid on such lots - as they give the winner a varied number of (mostly) damaged figures, which can be repaired and/or restored - either back to how they were when new - or even converted to something different.

    There's also the excitement of receiving and opening up the package - to see precisely, just what you have. The pictures and write up of the lot, are frequently imprecise - and once the items are "cleaned up" - they often reveal the true nature and origins of the various pieces.

    Here's a pic of my latest 5 lots ( all from the same seller - who broke up the 28 figures into smaller lots - but I was successful in buying all 28).

    I'm currently cleaning off the old paint and grunge - which often exposes manufacturer details - and then repairing any damage found. So instead of attempting identification right now - I'll try and identify each figure as it has been repaired ( and befor any painting has been undertaken). I've made a good start - so will post more pics later. jb
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