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    It's back to the 1st (Kings) Dragoon Guards for my next repaired figure ( which is also a conversion from the original Britains figure).

    He arrived in my stash from an e-bay source without a head and sword arm for the rider - and two missing lower legs for the horse. I deduced from his high thigh boots, that he was originally a member of the Household Cavalry. Having plenty of these figures, but fewer Dragoons, I thought I would add to my existing !st DG instead.

    I first repaired the horse legs (glued and pinned, left fore and rear) and gave him a stand. Once the figure could stand up again, then a head from my spares box and a new arm were found. (Dorset spares). Head fitted into hole in neck using a short pin and epoxy glue (arm was kept off to repaint chest area), I began the changes necessary.

    I had to remove the tops of the boots - and cuirass by filing and sanding down - to get him back to a Dragoon Guard dress - but once there - it was just a repaint again. I refitted the sword/arm once the top half of the Trooper had been repainted.

    So, here he is now as a Trooper of the 1st Kings dragoon Guards on a walking horse.

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    I also added him to my two other Kings DG - to show an Officer , Trooper and Trumpeter of this Regiment - note the white plume on the Trumpeter instead of the red of the others. jb

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