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    I have added in four newly completed figures to my previous pic. These four new GI's are in the prone position. The three in the foreground are lying firing - and are from Charbens, whilst the one crawling forward is from Timpo.

    One of the most common breakages with such figures is that the thin parts can be prone to damage - and so it was with these figures. The rifle part from the hand onward had been broken off in all cases when found. To repair them, just find a suitable rifle end from a casting provider, ( my parts came from Dorset Model Soldiers), cut and file to fit - and then drill into the hand - and the newly cut rifle end - and pin them together with a piece of cut pin ( I use paper-clips, cut to fit), and glue them together.

    Once repainted - you would never know they had ever been broken. jb

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